Welcome to Stylist Studios... Our upscale salons are built and operated to provide the level of comfort, privacy, and individual attention you desire. Visit the Find a Stylist page to learn more about the independent professionals who operate each of our salons, including contact information for each of our premier stylists.


About Stylist Studios... Established in 1998 and operated by business experts with broad experience in the beauty care and property management industries, Stylist Studios is the original operator of salon suites located in the Triangle area of N.C.

We attribute our historic growth to a singular focus on providing the facilities that best contribute to the salon experience desired by our clients, thereby creating the environment necessary for the success of each of our salons.


Opportunities at Stylist Studios... If you are an experienced salon professional with a history of delivering superior service to your clients, visit the Studio Information page to learn more about the opportunities available to you at Stylist Studios.

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